Jol Nupur (Star Jalsha)

Jol Nupur: Bengali Popular TV serial Jol Nupur still wallpapers.

Jol Nupur: Starring Lovely Maitra as KAJOL, Souptic Chakraborty as NEEL, Aparajita Adhya as PAARI, Pijush Ganguly as AMARTYA Sir, Bidipta Chakraborty as ANJANA, Biswanath Basu as CHHOTKA, Santu Mukhopadhyay as PURNENDU Basumallick and others.
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Physical exercise means the movement of our limbs of our bode according to rules. None can enjoy good health without physical exercise. It keeps good health and promotes strength. It also keeps us free from disease.

   There are many kinds of physical exercise like walking, swimming, running etc. Different kinds of game like cricket, hockey, football, badminton etc are good forms of healthy exercises. All forms of exercise are not equally suitable to all. All kind of game are quite good for young. On the other hand, walking is good for people of all ages.
Dos and don’t of physical exercise: morning and evening are the best time of taking physical exercise. We should exercise in the open air. We should not take exercise in empty stomach or immediate after taking meal.

Necessity of physical exercise is very necessary to us. Our life is full of activities and action. On tackle them by his physical fitness. It improve our health and makes a man strong and active. There is proverb, a sound mind must be unsound. A sound body depends on regular exercise. It also improves our power of digestion. It keep a man free from diseases.

Physical exercise is the most important for the students. They do hard mental work. So they need sound body and sound mind which depend or regular exercise those who do not take regular exercise, soon lose there health. They do not find interest and happiness in life.

Health is wealth. It is the root of all happiness. Physical exercise enables us to achieve this we should take physical exercise regularly.
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Bangladeshi Mobile Operators

 In Bangladesh there are few mobile operator company. But these company plays a vital role for our communication system. Mobile company such as Grameen Phone, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi, Citycell, Teletalk etc. 3G mobile service is introduced by state owned Teletalk in October,2012 .

  • There are 6 mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. These are:

Grameen Phone
Founded :  1997
Official  name :   Grameenphone/Telenor Bangladesh Ltd
Website :

Founded : 2010
Official name : Airtel Bangladesh Ltd.
 Website :

Founded : 1996
Official name :Orascom Telecom Ltd.
Website :

Founded : 1989
Official name :  Pacific Bangladesh Telephone Ltd.
Website :‎

Founded : 1997
Official name :Axiata Bangladesh Ltd.
Website :

Founded :  2004
Official name : Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd.
Website :‎
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Sunny Leone's Sexy Images Ragini mms 2

Ragini MMS 2 is a Bollywood horror-movie. The movie directed by Bhushan Patel and co-produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoo. In this movie Sunny Leone acting as Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone's Sexy Images Ragini mms 2 :

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Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images

Kim Kardashian : Kim Kardashian is an American actress,model,fashion designer and model. She is also popular as TV and social media personality. Kim Kardashian born in California, 21th Oct 1980 Her famous TV shows are  The Simple Life,Keeping Up with the Kardashians,Kourtney and Khlo√© Take Miami,Dancing with the Stars ,Kourtney and Kim Take New York  and more. Now we providing some Kim Kardashian 's  sexy images.

Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images :


Kim Kardashian

Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images

Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images

Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images free

Sexy Kim Kardashian

Hot Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images

Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images free


Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images

Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images

Sexy Kim Kardashian Popular Images

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A list of Bengali Online Newspapers

Bengali language  is an important language because over 24 crore people Bengali over the world.  So Bengali newspapers plays a vital role  in news and media. In Bangladesh and Kolkata there are few people who does not read newspaper. We providing some online newspapers which publishing from Bangladesh, Kolkata, England,U.S,A and other counties. Basically we make a list of online base Bengali newspaper. Prothom alo is most popular Bangladeshi newspaper, Bengali Times is the first and most popular Bengali online newspaper in Canada and Anandabazar Patrika famous in Kolkata,India.

A list of Bengali Online Newspapers
Bangla Newspapers Logo

A list of Bengali Online Newspapers which printed and distributed from Bangladesh :

  • Bangla News 24
Bangla News 24 Founded : 2010
Newspaper publisher :  East-West Media Group Ltd.
Newspaper editor : Alamgir Hossain
Language : Bangla and English
Website :

  • Amader Shomoy 
 Amader Shomoy Founded : 2003
Newspaper Publisher : New Vision Limited
Newspaper Editor :  Abu Hasan Shahriar
Language : Bangla

  • Primenews Founded : 2013
Newspaper Publisher :  Masafi Group
Newspaper Editor : 
Language : Bangla : Sayedul Huda Chowdhury
Website :
  • Prothom Alo
Prothom Alo Founded : 1998
Newspaper Publisher : Media Star Limited and Transcom Group
Newspaper Editor : Matiur Rahman
Language : Bangla
Website :

  • Founded : 2005 Publisher : Bangladesh News 24 Hours Ltd
Newspaper Editor :Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Language : Bangla
Website :

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